Burnaby Village Museum: “Things We Tried to Do”

The attractions at Burnaby Village Museum include gardens, heritage buildings, and a vintage carousel ride. I took my 3-year-old Munchkin there, hoping to check out the attractions, and share the highlights with you. We started at the carousel ride. After seeing the beautifully lit hand-painted horses, Munchkin was eager to hop on. Her stuffed cat, “L-Cat”,… Read More Burnaby Village Museum: “Things We Tried to Do”

Edmonds Community Centre: “One stop entertainment”

This recently built community centre has modern flair. The outdoor playground impresses with twisting towers. The pool is reminiscent of an amusement park. Even the lobby floor has flair with its fancy backlit tiles. There’s something to please everyone. My two-year old Munchkin enjoys the playgrounds and pool. I appreciate the drop-in daycare service, which… Read More Edmonds Community Centre: “One stop entertainment”