Deas Island, Delta: “Watching the world go by”

Deas Island Regional Park is a peaceful oasis on the Fraser River in Delta. Visitors can enjoy a nature walk, have a picnic and see historic buildings. What I like about Deas Island is what’s missing – stores, crowds and city noise. It’s an invitation to slow down and relax.

Today I’m heading to Deas Island with my 2-year-old Munchkin to meet up with another family. I’ve packed blankets and picnic food. To keep the toddlers entertained, I also have the “B’s”: balloons, balls and buckets. The drive from Burnaby to Deas Island takes only 35 minutes via South Fraser Perimeter Road, a miraculously uncongested highway.

After I arrive and locate our friends, I spread out a blanket to rest. The cottonwood trees rustle softly. I watch the river go by. I wonder about the boats, where they are going, and why.

After lunch, we all walk along the flat gravel paths and find the Inverholme historic schoolhouse. Further down the trail, we check out Burrvilla, a fancy historic house with a beautiful flower garden. Deas Island also has a huge old boiler that was used for canning salmon, and the park website says there’s a sunken boat hidden close to shore.

In the forest, my friend spots a bunny. She asks the toddlers, “What colour was the bunny?” My Munchkin replies, “Soft!” And these are the quiet joys of island relaxation: good company, a gentle breeze and the occasional soft bunny.

Know before you go:

  • Bring your own refreshments since there is nothing for sale on the island.
  • Most of the trails can be walked with a stroller. Some areas are also wheelchair accessible.
  • For more information and a cute video overview, see Metro Vancouver’s Deas Island Regional Park webpage

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