Edmonds Community Centre: “One stop entertainment”

This recently built community centre has modern flair. The outdoor playground impresses with twisting towers. The pool is reminiscent of an amusement park. Even the lobby floor has flair with its fancy backlit tiles.

There’s something to please everyone. My two-year old Munchkin enjoys the playgrounds and pool. I appreciate the drop-in daycare service, which allows me time to workout.

We often start our visits at the outdoor playground, which has structures appropriate for various ages. The soft rubbery surface underneath is particularly pleasant for aging parents.

Eager to get climbing at the new playground
Eager to get climbing at the new playground
Walking the plank
Walking the plank

Inside the centre, a glassed in room contains play structures for children under five. Having access to this free indoor playground is so convenient during rainy weather. Indoor playgrounds have also been constructed in recent years at Lougheed Mall and Guilford Recreation Centre. I hope it’s a trend that will continue.

Another option for rainy days is a swim at the pool. Watery entertainment includes a spray park, slide and “lazy river.” The pool deck is well stocked with small toys, sit-in toddler boats and life jackets. The latter are helpful if, like me, you have a toddler who mistakenly thinks they can swim.

The pool gets very crowded at times. Consider going when there are no swimming lessons scheduled.

A drop-in childminding service is currently offered at Edmonds on weekday mornings for a modest cost of less than five dollars per hour. The “playcare” room is set up with activity tables, crafts and toys. Best of all, the washroom has a toddler-sized flushing toilet. Could someone please install one at my house?

I have great admiration for the playcare staff. They calmly manage a rotating set of toddlers while encouraging friendly, respectful behaviour.

The first time I left my daughter at playcare, I was concerned she’d be upset. Fortunately, the talented staff and multitude of toys always seem to keep her happy. When I drop her off at playcare, older toddlers will sometimes introduce themselves and ask her to play, instantly melting my protective heart.

Leaving Munchkin at playcare gives me much needed opportunities to hit the gym. It often feels hard to start exercising, but a large selection of cardio and weight machines awaits, and the sun through the expansive windows lifts my mood.

After working out, I like to relax in the lobby with a coffee from the cafe. I sit quietly by myself, gathering energy for the rest of my day.

Know before you go:

  • Free parking is available underground and outside. The centre is near a bus stop.
  • See the Edmonds Community Centre webpage for schedules and drop-in fees.

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