Cycling the Traboulay Trail in Port Coquitlam

My husband spotted the bicycle trailer at a garage sale this summer. I’d been thinking about buying a trailer so we could ride with our two-year-old Munchkin. Priced at $60, this one seemed like a bargain.

Unfortunately, a tiny part of the trailer hitch was missing. It took a phone call to the manufacturer, then a week of waiting for the replacement part to arrive, before the trailer could be fixed.

For our first big outing, we chose the Traboulay Trail in Port Coquitlam. Stretching 25 kilometres, it passes through forests, parks, and downtown areas. And in case you’re wondering, we didn’t bike the whole thing!

A nice flat stretch of the Traboulay Trail near Pitt River Road

Our bike ride started at the red bridge on Pitt River Road near Lougheed Highway. We headed north towards Lions Park, taking in views of the Coquitlam River.

The paved surface of the trail was great for cycling. However, I soon noticed the drawbacks of the trailer. Gradient mattered. On flat sections, I felt fit and lithe. On hills, it seemed like I was towing a bus.

I’ve read that compared to child bicycle seats, trailers may be safer, but don’t always feel that way. Not being able to watch Munchkin in the trailer made me nervous at first. It was good to have my husband along, and to be riding on a trail without car traffic.

After about twenty minutes of cycling, we reached Lions Park and stopped so Munchkin could play. The new playground there has been described as one of the best in Metro Vancouver. It has some really creative features like a constructed hill with a built-in slide. My favourite thing was the giant standing xylophone that made lovely minor sounds.

Funky slides at Lions Park playground

At lunchtime, my husband checked out the picnic I had carefully packed, then quickly left to go buy pizza. I sat at a picnic table and waited. Despite the “Bear in Area” signs, it was a crow that startled me, flying off with my very nutritious and carefully packed sandwich.

Rain clouds appeared after lunch, so we decided to head home. By the end, I was riding through drizzle with my tired Munchkin crying in her bike trailer. We were all thankful we’d kept our adventure toddler-sized.


Know before you go:

  • The City of Port Coquitlam has an excellent map showing locations of parks, washrooms and parking lots as well as trail distances.
  •  For a review of Lions Park and other excellent playgrounds, see the Vancouver Sun article “Top playgrounds to try in Metro Vancouver” by Tara Carman.

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