False Creek, Vancouver: “Seven ways to enjoy”

Toddlers can enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor activities along the False Creek sea wall between Science World and Charleson Park. Parents can have fun too, contemplating the cool art installations or stopping to soak up a mug of fine craft beer.

The sea wall trail is perfect for walking with a stroller. Or you can hop from one spot to another aboard a ferry. Either way, you’ll get full on postcard scenery with green glass skyscrapers, shiny yachts and saltwater everywhere.

map ed copy
It takes about 30 minutes each way to walk the two-kilometre distance marked above between Science Work and Charleson Park.



1. Splish splash at Science World

1science world

Well, you can’t miss Science World with its iconic geodesic dome. A Munchkin could easily spend all day there, splashing in the water displays, rearranging little balls or looking for frogs in the terrariums. But there are six more places to explore, so let’s continue on…


2. Playtime at Creekside Community Recreation Centre

2Creekside CommunityedCreekside has a drop-in “Family Play Gym” time on most days, when the gym’s set up with play structures and toys for toddlers (schedule available online). Creekside Centre also has the only public washroom I’ve found in the area.


3. Lunch at Olympic Village Square

3craft and olympic square copyed

Craft Beer Market restaurant has cozy booths, yummy food and a vast beer selection. The kind staff have crayons for little customers.

Lighter fare such as sandwiches made with freshly baked bread can be found at Terra Breads. Food trucks sometimes hang out next to the square. Everywhere I’ve eaten in this area has been nice, but a little pricey.


4. Beach time at Habitat Island Park

4habitat islanded

The rocky beach connecting the “island” to the sea wall is a nice spot for little kids to play. Pebbles are the toys that Mother Nature gave toddlers!


5. Art all around

5 ed giant jelly beans

Interesting modern sculptures decorate the city landscapes along the sea wall. Toddlers can appreciate the following outdoor sculptures how they do best – by running around and touching everything:

  • The giant house sparrows at Olympic Village Square – “Look, giant birds!”
  • Nest, a wood board enclosure by Kim Cooper and Marten Sims, located next to Creekside Community Centre – “Look, it’s a toddler cage!”
  • Love Your Beans by Cosimo Cavallaro at Charleson Park (pictured above) – “Look, giant candies!”


6. Explore Charleson Park


There’s a playground, community garden, duck pond and lots of open grassy space to move around.


7. Cruise on a ferry boat

7 ed aquabus copy

Those little ferry boats zipping around False Creek are as cute as kittens. And, if you’re under five and very impressed by trains and trucks, you’ll be eager to get aboard. The Aquabus and False Creek Ferries offer similar services:

  • Stops are found at over eight locations around False Creek.
  • Fares vary depending on the number of stops travelled, but start at under three dollars.
  • Strollers need to be collapsed, except on the larger boats in the Aquabus fleet.
  • The boats are covered and feel cozy in rainy weather.
  • More information is available on the company websites and posted at the docks.

Riding on a little ferry feels like being on vacation, and makes a lovely end to a day by the sea.



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