“Wanting It Easy”: Royal City Centre and the New West Library

I just wanted it to be easy. So I took my toddler to the mall at Royal City Centre. I thought she could ride the kid’s carousel there. But it only took loonies. And I only had quarters.

A nice toddler boy and his mom came along. The boy climbed up on the carousel beside my little Munchkin. And little Munchkin cried, because she didn’t want to share.

I just wanted it to be easy. So I took Munchkin away to the mall’s quiet upper level for a time out. I thought we could walk around afterwards, but she said she was tired of walking. We saw a mom walking with her baby snuggled tight in a carrier. And I thought, “Munchkin, if you were still a baby, I would hold you tight and walk you around, until you slept your sadness away.”

Eventually, Munchkin got up and made her way to a large pot of palm trees. Time for an adventure! She put on her backpack and climbed under the leaves. “Mom, I’m in the jungle! You come too!” So we explored the jungle for a while. Then Munchkin started reaching through the balcony railing trying to pick the (fake) flowers from the (fake) hanging plants. It was time to go again.

I just wanted it to be easy. So we went across the street to the library. I thought we could hang out in the kid’s section and play with the foam blocks. But it was story time, and the kid’s section was packed. We retreated to the corner to look for new books. Munchkin found some books that we had already read and said, “Mom, let’s read it again!”

So we did. We took our books to the chairs next to the adult romance novels. I sat little Munchkin on my lap and held her close. We read books about ladybugs and grandpa and trains. Munchkin talked to the lady sitting next to us and told her about the stories. And the lady was very kind.

I just wanted it to be easy. And it was. At last.


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