Krause Farms, Langley: “LOTS of berries!”

Have you seen the giant “Metropolis at Metrotown” mall in Burnaby? Well, Krause Berry Farms in Langley is the Metrotown of the U-Pick scene.

I’d imagined a lonely field scattered with berry pickers, but what we find is fields that are well-populated, along with a store, restaurants, winery, and kid’s play area. It’s late morning, and the parking lot is already crowded. Munchkin and I locate the check-in stand, grab our baskets, and hit the fields.

Munchkin (who is three) gets the hang of berry picking quickly. The strawberries are a little small, but easy to reach. The raspberries nearby are nice and plump. With a little help from “mom,” even the ones high up make their way into her basket.

Two hours later, Munchkin has an epic meltdown when I apply sunscreen to her arms. It’s time to quit picking.

I pay for the berries, and am shocked by the cost. At five dollars for a full basket, we’re paying a fraction of store prices.

Hungry for lunch, we take our berries and find a beautiful wooden table in the garden. I place our order at the counter inside the restaurant. The food arrives slowly, but it’s worth the wait.

Munchkin gets a giant waffle piled with whipped cream. I have homemade corn chowder, because I like hot soup, even in the summer.

After lunch, we drive home. “I want to eat LOTS of berries!” Munchkin informs me from her carseat. “OK,” I reply, “Now take a nap.” “NO!” she protests.

And moments later, she’s fast asleep.


Thanks to my friend J. for introducing us to Krause Farms.

Where should Munchkin go next? Story suggestions are always welcome – send us an email at


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