Burnaby Village Museum: “Things We Tried to Do”

The attractions at Burnaby Village Museum include gardens, heritage buildings, and a vintage carousel ride. I took my 3-year-old Munchkin there, hoping to check out the attractions, and share the highlights with you.

We started at the carousel ride. After seeing the beautifully lit hand-painted horses, Munchkin was eager to hop on.

Her stuffed cat, “L-Cat”, wanted a ride too. L-Cat LOVES horses.

Then Munchkin became conflicted. She wanted to ride. Then she didn’t. Then she wanted to ride again, so we went. After a tearful ride spent standing beside the horses, we left to look at other things.



Doesn’t the heritage building below look nice? Museum volunteers, dressed in period costumes, were waiting on the front porch for visitors.


Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything else about this building, because Munchkin didn’t want to go inside. So we lingered in the front garden, breathing in the bright flowers, before continuing on.

Farther down the trail, we saw Tom Irvine’s home. It was a tiny home, before there was such a thing. I love small houses, and would totally live in this one.

Munchkin spent a long time in Tom’s front garden, eating all his raspberries.



The plant-covered eco-sculpture “cows” were one of my favourites. Munchkin, on the other hand, had decided not to like cows (or plant-based representations). She circled the cows a few times, complaining steadily, before running away.



As a mom, I just want it to be easy. And as a writer, I want to share happy stories.

So let’s conclude that my trip to Burnaby Village Museum had its happy moments. L-Cat LOVED the carousel. Munchkin devoured the berries. And I was quite impressed by the eco-sculptures.

And we’ll definitely all go again.


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